Internal Medicine Residents

Mei-Jan Chen, M.D.

Dr. Chen was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and attended medical school at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. Prior to residency, Dr. Chen was a Postdoctoral fellow and interpretive genomicist at the Precision Medicine Institute in the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Why did you choose the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program?
I chose this program because I liked the new hospital environment and it’s not too far from Alabama. The size of the residency program is also perfect. Knowing my colleagues well is a big benefit of being part of a small Internal Medicine Residency Program.

What impacts do you hope to have on the medical field?
Practicing medicine is a life-long learning. As a trainee, I’ve always felt privileged to be part of the care for our patients. This is a great place to learn and thrive. Believe it or not, small things matter. Save lives!

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