Internal Medicine Residents

Moataz Barkat, M.D.

Dr. Moataz Barkat was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He attended medical school at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, where he played a crucial role in developing a 100% free pharmacy clinic at the public hospital and traveled to underserved villages to provide free medical care. Since relocating to the U.S., Dr. Barkat has remained committed to serving underserved communities and most recently worked as an assistant physician in Carthage, MO. Outside of his professional duties, Dr. Barkat enjoys spending time with his family and is a passionate soccer fanatic.

Why did you choose the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center Internal Medicine Program?

I chose the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center Internal Medicine Program because of its cohesive and supportive team approach. I was also drawn to the opportunity to serve underserved communities. The program’s small community feel further appealed to me as it offers a close-knit environment where one can build strong relationships with colleagues. Additionally, I found the program director and faculty to be both supportive and rigorous, providing the perfect balance to help mold me into an excellent internal medicine physician by the end of residency.

What impacts do you hope to have in the medical field?

I hopes to make a significant impact in the medical field by ensuring my patients feel truly heard, understood and are able to walk away with a sense of relief and satisfaction. I am also dedicated in continuing my work in underserved communities, providing much-needed care where it is often lacking.

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