Internal Medicine Residents

Naureen Khan, M.D.

Dr. Naureen Khan is a dedicated physician who completed her medical education at Baqai Medical University in Pakistan. She chose to further her career at Poplar Bluff Medical due to its strong community-based program, aligning with her commitment to community health nurtured during her medical school years. Dr. Khan has made significant contributions to public health, notably through her involvement in Pakistan’s polio eradication program. Her passion for research led her to investigate infertility causes in rural areas, where she also conducted numerous community clinics, providing essential healthcare services to underserved populations. Balancing her professional and personal life, Dr. Khan is a mother of three and enjoys hiking in her spare time, finding solace and rejuvenation in nature. Her dedication to both her family and her profession underscores her holistic approach to health and well-being. What impact do you want to have in medical field? As a medical resident, my aspiration is to make a meaningful impact on the medical field in several key areas. Firstly, I aim to enhance patient care by implementing evidence-based practices and continuously improving my clinical skills to provide the highest quality of care to my patients. I also hope to contribute to medical research, particularly in areas that address pressing health issues in underserved communities, such as my previous work on infertility in rural areas. Additionally, I am passionate about medical education and plan to mentor future medical professionals, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. Ultimately, my goal is to drive positive changes in healthcare delivery and outcomes, ensuring that all patients, regardless of their background, receive comprehensive and compassionate care.

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